Scout Report: Raheem Sterling

All the best scouting reports and interviews of Raheem Sterling.


  • 2018 – It Was All A Dream (The Players Tribune)

    “When I was two years old, my father was murdered. That shaped my entire life. Not long after that, my mum made the decision to leave me and my sister in Jamaica and go to England so she could get her degree and give us a better life.

    For a few years, we lived with our grandmother in Kingston, and I remember watching the other kids with their mums and just feeling really jealous. I didn’t fully understand what my mum was doing for us. I just knew that she was gone. My grandma was amazing, but everybody wants their mum at that age.”

  • 2017 – The training ground interview: Raheem Sterling (FourFourTwo)

    “Keeping your head up is one of the most important things to remember when dribbling. You need to do this to see oncoming defenders and once you’ve beaten your man to see what options you have on.

    Dribbling isn’t just about beating players; it’s about carrying the ball into dangerous areas.”

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