Who Is The Best 5.4-5.9 Midfielder? | The People's Poll ep. 79 | Planet #FPL

With the Gameweek 5 deadline only hours away Suj & James take a deep dive into midfielders priced between 5.4 and 5.9 Midfielders to try and ascertain who is the best choice at a value that is getting a lot of attention within the FPL community.

Which Everton asset is best?

Is Conor Gallagher better than all of them?

Who can we expect to improve?

And should fixtures influence decision making or is consistency key at this value?

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Still to come today on the Planet FPL YouTube Channel – James presents the GW5 Deadline Stream LIVE and next week’s content will begin with a review of all the GW5 action on Monday


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