How will leagues adjust to a winter World Cup in 2022, has Daniel Levy done a good job at Tottenham, how long could we masquerade as referees, and more listener questions

On this episode, Taylor, Ryan, Graham, and Joe answer your lovely questions! You can find the full list of questions we tackled down below:

1) Has Daniel Levy been a good steward for Tottenham Hotspur?

2) Can we just take a minute to pour one out for the end of Ray Hudson’s time calling La Liga games?

3) Who is the best poop-houser in the USMNT pool?

4) Would Christian Pulisic make every national team roster?

5) If we were suddenly drafted to be a Premier League center referee for a league game, how long would it take for the players to figure out we were unqualified?  

6) What are the major European leagues planning to do during the 2022 World Cup, which will be held squarely in the middle of their seasons?

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