Could soccer be played without headers, how has Barcelona escaped FFP sanctions, how impressive was Alex Ferguson's time coaching Aberdeen, and many more listener questions

You ask questions, we answer questions! On this episode, Taylor, Ryan, Graham, and Joe huddle around their respective microphones and rattle off some responses to your lovely inquiries. You can find the full list of questions that we discussed down below:

1) When and where did the current trend of attacking wingbacks begin?

2) What’s the difference between a head coach and a manager?

3) Could soccer still be played without headers? And would it still be entertaining?

4) Where does Alex Ferguson’s time coaching Aberdeen rank in the importance of Scottish football? 

5) How do Ryan and other fans of lower league teams watch their clubs?

6) What are some of the biggest sell-on percentages ever included in transfer deals?

7) How were Man City, who are not in serious debt, in breach of Financial Fair Play rules, but Barcalona, who are in serious debt, not in violation of FFP?

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