2021-22 Serie A season preview w/ David Amoyal: who still needs to spend, who still has the ability to do so, which managers are most likely to get into a touchline fight, and much much more!

David Amoyal of The Calcioland Podcast returns to the show to take a look at the 2021-2022 Serie A season. We discuss Italy’s win this summer at the Euros and which players impressed the most, before moving on to discuss the strange reality of 5 of the league’s top 7 teams having new managers in charge. Then we get into some team-specific talk:

1) Inter Milan – Is the situation at the club as bad as it seems, and what are the immediate challenges for new manager Simone Inzaghi?

2) Roma – Has Jose Mourinho been hired to rebuild the club or with an eye towards his past glories?

3) Lazio – What will the team shape be under Maurizio Sarri, and which player will need to adapt his game the most?

4) Napoli – The underdog/dark horse/least heralded club that has a chance to win it all. Plus, why Luciano Spalletti deserves more love!

5) Fiorentina – Why was Gattuso in charge for only a month, and is the hype around his replacement justified? Short answer: yes!

6) Juventus – A familiar face is back in charge: what will Allegri’s return mean for established veterans, newbies and youngsters alike?

7) Atalanta – Spending money on proven defenders is never a bad idea, but will it be enough?

8) Milan – How much pressure is on Stefano Pioli, how much roster construction remains, and what are the odds Conte takes over at some point?

9) Venezia – Will they stay up and how will they go about doing so?

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