SPM 240: Premier League Exceptionalism? – Part 1

The football: The summer series (aka filler content between organised domestic or international football) is back! We have three connected episodes coming at you over next three weeks considering the many different aspects to the idea of Premier League Exceptionalism. The English top flight might be the best, but could that also be the very root of what undermines its exceptionalism? And also is it literally an exception? Does what happens in the Premier League bear no resemblance to achievements or reputation elsewhere?

The food: In a nod to the traditional accompaniment to a multi-part summer series – a multi-course Nicky Hinchcliffe feast – we have asked Chinch to imagine what she might cook were we able to be together. So, the starter: pan-fried scallops with pancetta, bacon and chorizo on a bed of fresh watercress with creme fraiche and zest of lemon dressing.

We’re taking a break from reading your emails on the show for these three episodes, but that doesn’t mean you should stop sending them to setpiecemenu@gmail.com