How different would things be if the USMNT qualified for the 2018 World Cup, drafting men's and women's players into quidditch teams, and more listener questions w/ Adam Snavely

It’s a weird episode! You’ve been warned. The Baron Lord Snavington joins Taylor to answer four listener questions, the first two of which take about 45 minutes:

1) “Can you each draft one men’s and one women’s Quiddich team (1 keeper, 3 chasers, 2 beaters, and a seeker) using only USMNT and USWNT eligible players. Weston McKinnie MUST be the first pick.” We can. We did. It was hectic.

2) If the US had gone to the 2018 World Cup, how different would things look today? Who would be coaching the 2021 squad, who would be president of the federation, and how would we have fared in Russia?

3) Has Vlatko Andonovski implemented a tactical identity for the USWNT?

4) What is a ping-pong/yo-yo club, and what are some notable examples from different countries?


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