Fresh trousers

Jimbo’s joined by Duncan Alexander, Emma Saunders and Matt Davies-Adams to talk Bielsa’s mega PowerPoint presentation and look ahead to Chelsea v Arsenal and the rest of the Premier League weekend. Plus, failed aspirations; second (half of) season syndrome; and Higuain heads to Stamford Bridge


• PART 1a: Arsenal v Chelsea preview with added James Horncastle on Higuain (01m 50s)

• PART 1b: Fulham v Spurs preview (10m 30s)

• PART 1c: Man U v Brighton preview (16m 00s)

• PART 2a: Bielsa, spreadsheets and spying (17m 50s)

• PART 2b: Martin O’Neill in at Forest (26m 00s)

• PART 3a: Snow ahoy! (28m 00s)

• PART 3b: Wagner leaves Huddersfield and Newcastle v Cardiff preview (32m 30s)

• PART 3c: Liverpool v Palace preview (34m 40s)

• PART 3d: Watford v Burnley preview and the rest of the PL weekend (38m 30s)

• PART 4a: Serie A and Bundesliga return and Tom Williams on Monaco 1 – 1 Nice (42m 30s)

• PART 4b: Asian Cup update (46m 40s)

• PART 5: The odds with Paddy Power’s Lee Price (50m 50s)

• PART 6: Exeunt omnes / remembering Graham Taylor (52m 30s) 


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